My diplomas and certificates as Master Reflexologist.


I have an extended study in Anatomy & Physiology, Neurology & Psycho-Neurology, Psychiatry & Pediatrics as part of my 5-years full time Speech Pathology, Speech Therapy & Developmental Delays education in Sankt Peterburg University, Russia. 
I've completed my Reflexology study @Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center and abroad in 2013 and still continue with electives. 
It requires 300+ hours of theory and 200+ hours of practice to become a Certified Reflexologist. 
I meet with my colleagues for international professional exchanges and experiences while traveling in USA and abroad. 
In July 2017 I studied Neuro Reflexology at Touchpoint Reflexology Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
I am DoTERRA essential oils educator and completing my Aromatherapy study.
Certified in Metamorphosis, Reiki, Nutrition. ​

Elena Kiryanova, Your Reflexologist.

Your Family Reflexology 

606 120 Ave NE D202

Bellevue WA 98005

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Experience full body massage through reflexology session